Building Stronger, Healthier Communities

NPHS builds stronger communities by creating innovative housing and economic solutions that advance the well-being of people, vitality of neighborhoods, creation of jobs and sustainability of the environment.

Community Impact, Engineered

NPHS applies a holistic approach to community and economic development leading to transformative change. We achieve this by methodically engineering innovative programs, products, services and social enterprises that are customer-centric and interconnected to successfully create meaningful impact.

Programs & Services

Stories From Our Neighborhoods

NPHS helps families attain affordable housing, improve their living conditions and achieve economic empowerment.
Below are several stories of the hundreds of families we serve every year.

NPHS Facilitates Microloan for Claremont Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jaso Sanchez dreamed of opening his own Jiu Jitsu school to teach youth and adults from all walks of

NPHS Helps Single Mother Buy a Home for the Holidays

For many families, the holiday season is a time to count life’s blessings. Amidst struggles and challenges, this season

NPHS Helps Senior Homeowners With Safety Repairs & Upgrades

Imagine being a retired senior citizen, having a limited income and being faced with an unexpected home repair bill

A Thank You Letter From One of Our Veterans

As our country unites this month to recognize our veterans, we are reminded of our mission to empower families

NPHS Helps Struggling Family Facing Foreclosure Find Hope

Foreclosure - the word alone brings up feelings of fear, loss and hopelessness. What do you do when faced

NPHS Helps Create Second Chance for Homeowner After Foreclosure

What does one do after losing their home foreclosure? Do they give up their dream of home ownership, or

NPHS Partners with City of Chino for NeighborWorks Week

Mr. and Mrs. Maximiliano Valdez have lived in their home in Chino, California since 2002. The Valdez’s immigrated from

NPHS Helps Provide Down Payment Assistance to Homebuyers

Valentino and Marie Ceci recently purchased their first home in San Bernardino. Marie Ceci is disabled and unable to

Community Media Gallery

Engineering Community Impact

NPHS Celebrates 25 years of making neighborhoods matter. See the impact we are having in our neighborhoods.

Healthy Homes Grant Program

NPHS Healthy Homes Grant Program is helping seniors & disabled individuals maintain their homes with  home repairs.

Creating Sustainable Communities

See how NPHS is making homeownership possible for families throughout the Inland Empires.

NPHS NeighborWorks America Week

NeighborWorks America & its chartered organizations rally volunteers in a week of neighborhood change & awareness.

Community Impact

NPHS has assisted more than 2,200 homeowners improve their homes to a safe, livable condition (eliminating many health and safety issues); assisted more than 5000 families achieve their dream of homeownership; educated more than 13,000 families in pre and post-homeownership education issues (financial literacy, homebuyer education, post purchase counseling, default/foreclosure prevention, home maintenance, and, insurance education); conducted more than 110 neighborhood events; and purchased, rehabilitated and sold to first time buyers 120 distressed, vacant, single family properties. In addition, NPHS has assisted more than 750 low income senior homeowners with minor home repair grants.

To build stronger communities in the Inland Empire by providing innovative homeownership opportunities, helping families succeed in homeownership and partnering to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

NPHS is a non-profit community development organization dedicated to building stronger communities. Through a wide variety of housing and financial services, NPHS revitalizes neighborhoods and improves the lives of countless Inland Empire families. As part of the NeighborWorks® Network, NPHS holds the following distinctions:

  • HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency
  • U.S. Treasury Department-Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)
  • NeighborWorks® Charter Member
  • NeighborWorks® Green Organization
  • U.S. Green Building Council Member
Direct Investment in the Inland Valley Creating Over 3,800 Jobs
In Down Payment Assistance Loans Deployed
New Homebuyers Counseled & Educated
First Time Low-to-Moderate Income Homebuyers Created
Sustainable Jobs Created & Preserved in the Inland Empire
Howeowners Counseled in Foreclosure Prevention
Seniors Homeowners Counseled in Reverse Mortgage
Homes of Seniors & Disabled Veterans Repaired

Our Financial Partners