Sojourner Solar

Everyone Owns the Sun

NPHS Launches Solar Start-Up

Clemente A. Mojica

Everyone owns the sun and should be able to afford its benefits. The cost of solar technology has declined significantly over the last five years, and yet only higher income, well-to-do homeowners are accessing this technology. Lower wealth homeowners are still priced out of the solar economy, or believe they cannot own solar panel systems. This was the impetus for NPHS designing and developing Sojourner Solar, a solar startup that brings a level of unprecedented affordability not offered by for-profit solar companies

Compared to for-profit solar programs currently offered by the retail market, Sojourner is not a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) nor a leasing option. In fact, according to a National Renewable Energy Lab study, purchasing a solar panel system using a solar loan can save as much as 29% compared to solar leasing.  If you go solar with Sojourner, you own the solar panel system. Sojourner is a purchasing and financing social enterprise that makes owning a solar panel system more affordable to the average homeowner. Sojourner makes it easy and simple to go solar with a one stop-shop and full turn-key service. The program helps homeowners purchase, finance and install a solar system and reap all the economic benefits of going solar, including any available federal and state income tax credits and incentives.

“From the start of when a solar panel system leaves the manufacturer, and by the time it gets to the retailer for consumer purchase, markups and other costs have been baked into the price of the system,”says NPHS CEO Clemente Arturo Mojica, who led the creation of Sojourner Solar.

“Sojourner consolidates parts of the service delivery process to help our clients save thousands of dollars on their purchase of a solar panel system,” says Mojica.

By acting as the dealer and retailer, Sojourner Solar eliminates markups and unnecessary premiums and passes those discounts to the consumer, disrupting current pricing models. Sojourner Solar is not a marketing nor a solar referral service, so by dealing directly with Sojourner, homeowners save on purchasing and installation costs. NPHS will continue to build capacity to control more parts of the service delivery process. By doing so, NPHS hopes to lower the cost of owning a solar panel system even further.

“The sun belongs to everyone and consumers shouldn’t be paying a hefty premium to enjoy its benefits,” says Mojica.

About the Author:

Jessica is the Public Relations and Marketing VISTA at NPHS. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Dominguez Hills.