charles flores

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming and daunting task for anyone, particularly for first time home-buyers. Add to it the additional stress of being a newlywed couple with two children, multiple previous addresses, and a new job. This was the challenge that 32 year old Charles Flores, a Marine Veteran, and his wife Adriana Flores faced when beginning their home buying process.

The newly wedded couple and their two daughters, AceLynn and AnaAdri, were living with Adriana’s parents when they decided that it was time to lay roots and buy their own home. However, Charles soon realized that leaving the Marines and spending the last 10 years moving around put him at a disadvantage when applying for home loans. Charles served our country as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Temporary Rifle Range Instructor with the U.S Marine Corps. The couple found that they had trouble securing a loan because they didn’t have sufficient proof of time on the job for Charles.

In a recent interview with Charles, he shared, “The paperwork was the biggest struggle because I had a lack of residence and employment history, but with the help of the VA, my realtor, and NPHS we were able to move forward.”

Not to be discouraged, the Flores’ Realtor referred them to NPHS for home buying counseling assistance. Once Adriana and Charles contacted NPHS, they were able to set up a meeting with Curtis Miller, NPHS’ Home Finance Manager. Curtis was able to discuss different options with the couple and advised Adriana and Charles to attend one of NPHS’ Free Homebuyer Education Classes. The Workshops are especially designed for potential home-buyers who are serious about taking control of the home buying process and want to be prepared to make the right decision. At the completion of the 8-hour HUD-approved housing education class, a certificate is provided to first-time home-buyers to qualify for certain mortgage lending programs.

In Charles’ own words, “It was a good course, a long day, but it was very informative and we got a lot of useful information out of it. It helped us proceed with our home buying process.”

After completing the Homebuyer Education course, Curtis was then able to qualify the Flores family for NPHS’ Opportunity Down Payment Loan Program, which provides up to $20,000 in the form of a low-interest loan for eligible households. The Opportunity Loan is a 30 year loan that is deferred for the first 5 years with no payments or accrued interest, after which it becomes a 25 year fully-amortized loan at a 3% interest rate. NPHS is seeking additional social impact and community investments to capitalize the Opportunity Down Payment Assistance Loan program to assist other families like the Flores.

Additionally, because the Flores’ Realtor was a member of the High Desert Association of Realtors, the family qualified to receive the Bridge Closing Costs Grant. The Bridge Grant is a $2,000 closing cost assistance grant managed by NPHS that is fully forgiven and requires no repayments. The grant is available to qualified homeowners working with a Realtor who is a member of the High Desert Association of Realtors. The grant is designed to help first-time home buyers “Bridge” the gap to home ownership and is exclusively available through NPHS. The assistance provided by the Bridge Grant allowed the family to use some of their own savings to purchase a brand new washer/dryer and stove to outfit their new home. Ultimately, Charles and Adriana achieved their dream of becoming homeowners which has had a profound impact on the entire family.

Charles shared with NPHS how his girls were flourishing, “My kids are loving it! They have their own rooms and the freedom to roam around. They now understand that all the struggles we went through were to give them their own home.”

“The entire process has been quite an experience and was more complicated than I expected,” continued Charles, “However, I am filled with gratitude for all of the help we received from our realtors, the VA and NPHS. In the end hard work and persistence pays off.”

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