Achieving Greater Sustainability through Innovation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Taking Risk

NPHS is proud to announce on being selected as a finalist for the 2017 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award. The Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award recognizes entrepreneurs and leaders who innovate, take risks, and build businesses that contribute significantly to our local economy. This special award was founded in 2003 and has honored more than 100 entrepreneurs as recipients, and 250 leaders as finalists.

This year the award will be recognizing an entrepreneur who has met several categories that represent the “best of the best.” These categories are: Emerging Entrepreneur, Technology Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Family Business Entrepreneur, General Entrepreneur, and Lifetime Achievement.

NPHS has been selected as a finalist for this honor for the organization’s entrepreneurial approach to social issues, their commitment to the community, innovative solutions to housing, and their dedication to assisting clients overcome their obstacles to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Over the past 26 years, NPHS has assisted more than 4,500 families achieve their dreams of homeownership; educated more than 3,500 families in foreclosure prevention; provided counseling to address over 27,500 pre and post-homeownership education issues; purchased, rehabilitated and sold 170 distressed single family properties to first time homeowners; and assisted more than 700 low income senior and disabled veteran homeowners with home repair grants. Not only do these outcomes represented vital achievements, but they also reflect NPHs’ entrepreneurial approach to lifting the people and neighborhoods they serve to a better economic situation.

Additionally, NPHS has taken innovative strategies to develop and adapt a new business model to be flexible and shift in a new financial climate. NPHS has entered new areas of impact, such as increasing marketing efforts to attract different types of capital. This has allowed NPHS to acquire more properties to create homeownership opportunities, to develop the Sojourner Solar social enterprise, and offer small business loan opportunities for start-up microenterprises.

NPHS is honored to be a finalist for this award. The final award selection will be announced at the 15th Annual Spirit of the Entrepreneur Gala to be held on November 17th at the Riverside Convention Center to honor the top business innovators of Inland Southern California.