NPHS Provides Critical Home Repairs and Restores Power for Low-Income Senior in the Coachella Valley

Record-breaking heatwaves and Santa Ana winds are just some of the harsh weather conditions taking a toll on homeowners in the Inland Valley. Now, imagine living in a home ill-equipped to be in these conditions for over two years. Unfortunately, this was the reality for long-time Coachella Valley resident Jose Delgado and his two sons.

For over two years, Mr. Delgado and his sons lived in dire circumstances; a home without power and an unsanitary failing septic system. Living on a very low annual income, Mr. Delgado relied on his monthly disability payments to provide necessities, so emergency spending was just not within his budget.

For the last two years, Mr. Delgado went through nine different power generators to bring electric power and make conditions livable in his mobile home. Mr. Delgado spent over $900 just on propane tanks to power the generators.

These unlivable conditions were affecting Mr. Delgado and his family’s health and mental well-being. Fortunately, Mr. Delgado was referred to NPHS for assistance. Through the County of Riverside Senior Home Rehabilitation Grant Program, NPHS provided $25,000 to bring back electrical distribution to Mr. Delgado’s home, install a new septic system, and pay for his mobile home’s site permit in addition to other repairs.

“If it wasn’t for the grant, I think I would have been without power to this very day. It was all because of NPHS,” said Mr. Delgado. “Out here in the Coachella Valley, it gets hot, especially during the summer. In my mobile home, just 80-degree weather can make the inside of my home unbearably hot.”

The rehabilitation completed to the home has been transformative and has had a positive impact on the daily life of Mr. Delgado and his two sons. “After we got power back, it took us two to three weeks to get used to not hearing the generators always on,” said Mr. Delgado.

Creating healthy living environments by improving the housing quality throughout Inland Empire neighborhoods is an integral component of NPHS’ mission. With a rich history in neighborhood redevelopment and construction, NPHS has successfully completed over 1,100 housing rehabilitation projects in partnership with local government housing agencies.

While NPHS was able to assist Mr. Delgado and improve his living conditions, he has informed NPHS that many others in the community seek rehabilitation assistance and many families living in the same situation.

“There is a great need for home repair loans and grants for low-income homeowners in the Inland Empire,” says Carlos Tena, NPHS Vice President of Programs and Services. “Aging housing stock combined with drastic climate changes is making it difficult for low-income elderly homeowners to age in place comfortably,” says Tena.

NPHS administers several housing rehabilitation programs for various municipalities throughout the Inland Empire. NPHS’ certified Housing Rehabilitation Specialists originate and process home improvement loans and grants and manage the construction on the homeowner’s property.

For more information on how we can help you administer your housing rehabilitation program, please contact Carlos Tena at (909) 983-4921 and