Building on 30 Years of Creating Equitable Communities

NPHS Strategic Framework 2021 – 2023

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Building equitable communities is at the heart of NPHS. By cultivating and deploying programs and services that create intergenerational wealth for underserved communities of color, we make strides towards closing the racial wealth gap and creating neighborhoods where all families have the opportunity to achieve housing and economic security.

As we embark on a new strategic direction, we also celebrate 30 years of service to our communities. The last three decades have transformed NPHS into a multifaceted Community Development Financial Institution, applying a holistic approach to housing and economic development. Our progress over the previous 30 years is real and measurable, but we know it is insufficient. This moment demands that we deepen our resolve to fill the gaps we know persist, explore new areas for improvement, and expand our scope for transformational change. To do so, we must redouble our commitment to listen attentively, deliberate thoughtfully, and act with urgency to address issues of historical and present-day racial inequality.

The priorities outlined in our new strategic framework will redouble our efforts to continually evaluate housing and economic development strategies that apply unique cross-sector approaches to direct more impact investments into our neighborhoods. They will push innovation across all our areas of impact to lift our communities to higher planes of economic prosperity and racial equity. Within this framework of entrepreneurial and social enterprise innovation, NPHS will continue to enrich the lives of individuals and families.

This document represents countless hours of research, community input, committee meetings, and dialogue. The resulting road map offers clear direction for the next phase in our commitment to making our communities equitable places to live and work. We are excited to move into this next phase, building on the work that began 30 years ago. We honor that legacy by tackling the challenges our communities face today with renewed resolve and creating a resilient organization that will endure to address tomorrow’s challenges.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, we present the strategic framework that will guide our work for the next three years and invite you, our partners, to join us. Let us march together towards a future where all families are financially prosperous and live in healthy, economically vibrant, and equitable communities.

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