Housing and Health Partners Leverage Factory-Built Technology to Close the Housing Affordability Gap

Access to safe, affordable housing supports people’s physical and mental health, research shows. The healthcare system has an important role in connecting patients to housing, but housing programs themselves need substantial additional resources to make a meaningful dent in the number of households that struggle to afford homeownership.

Thanks to an impactful partnership with CommonSpirit Health, Uplift San Bernardino, and the City of San Bernardino, NPHS completed its second phase of manufactured homes. The homes were sold to families earning less than 80% of the area median income. Each family received $200,000 in down payment assistance thanks to the City of San Bernardino and the NPHS Community Investment Trust. CommonSpirit Health provided the construction financing for these innovative developments that blend factory-built technology, energy efficiency, and climate change resiliency. The City of San Bernardino also provided HOME funds to expand the affordability of these developments.

“When households struggle to obtain affordable housing, they not only face financial and housing instability, but they are also at heightened risk for a host of negative health outcomes,” said Clemente Arturo Mojica, President and CEO of NPHS. “Health stakeholders can make impactful investments to directly expand access to affordable homeownership.”

The partnership will break ground on eight single-family factory-built homes in early 2023 as part of phase three of this collaboration. NPHS has expanded this collaboration to include the preservation of smaller multifamily units with additional financing from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

For information on our manufactured housing program and for investment opportunities, please contact Greg O’Donnell at (909) 243-7035 or greg@nphsinc.org.

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