NPHS Launches Factory-Built Housing Social Enterprise to Increase the Supply of Affordable Homeownership

NPHS is excited to announce the launch of its new social enterprise, Homes by NPHS LLC. As a full-service factory-built housing retailer, Homes by NPHS LLC offers beautiful, highly customizable, and energy-efficient offsite-built homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) to affordable housing developers, local housing agencies, and homeowners.

“We are excited to launch this impactful social enterprise,” says President and CEO Clemente Arturo Mojica. “Homes by NPHS LLC embodies the union between the innovation afforded by factory-built technology with innovative community development strategies to create and preserve affordable and equitable homeownership,” says Mojica.

Homes by NPHS LLC addresses the multiple failures in the housing market by opening channels to factory-built housing and supporting local affordable housing and revitalization efforts by placing new homes and replacing dilapidated units faster and at a lower development cost. And by harnessing the many benefits of factory-built technology, Homes by NPHS LLC holistically supplies affordable, highly energy-efficient, and climate-resilient and adaptive single-family homes and ADUs for various customers.

Our customers include:

  • Infill Developers using factory-built homes to develop affordable homeownership, especially underserved developers of color
  • Homeowners placing a factory-built Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on their residence
  • Local Government Housing Agencies replacing dilapidated units with modern, highly energy-efficient factory-built homes under a mobile home replacement program
  • Private Landowners developing vacant land for affordable housing

Homes by NPHS LLC builds on what NPHS has tested and learned over several years of using factory-built technology to help scale the supply of climate-resilient and adaptive affordable homeownership. It pioneers a new model of homeownership that harnesses the innovation and affordability of factory-built housing technology and leverages it with NPHS’ vertically integrated approach to address the systemic obstacles that have historically impeded households of color from achieving homeownership.

By leveraging the NPHS ecosystem, Homes by NPHS LLC offers beautiful and highly energy-efficient offsite-built homes and ADUs coupled with ancillary services to help developer partners, local government housing agencies, and homeowners move their projects forward.

Our ancillary services include:

  • Affordable Mortgage Financing for homebuyers through our first mortgage platform, NPHS Home Loans
  • Acquisition and Disposition Services through the NPHS Realty platform
  • Down Payment Financing through our CDFI, including Special Purpose Credit financing to help more homebuyers of color obtain affordable homeownership
  • Housing Affordability Preservation Strategies such as stewarding long-term affordability through a Community Land Trust

NPHS plans to use its status as a factory-direct conduit to recruit and partner with other developers. It intends to emphasize outreach to BIPOC developers as part of a strategy to diversify the factory-built housing space and expand access to factory-built housing for consumers of color. NPHS also sees the potential to create joint ventures with various developers who might not otherwise serve underserved low-income communities of color.

Homes by NPHS LLC is a placed-based impact model. All the services and vendors are local. Homes by NPHS LLC uses local contractors, offsite builders, plants, and manufactured home transportation companies, most of which are minority-owned or led companies.

“By pairing our integrated approach with our unwavering commitment to housing justice to close disparities in homeownership, this truly is a model of ‘homes being built by our communities, for our communities’,” says NPHS President and CEO, Clemente Arturo Mojica.

NPHS is now taking purchase orders. Please visit our website to browse our catalog of beautiful, affordable, highly energy-efficiency, and climate-friendly homes. Please contact RaShawna Fahie at or call (909) 204-7459 to place your orders today.