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About NPHS

Building Stronger, Healthier Communities

NPHS builds stronger communities by creating innovative housing and economic solutions that advance the well-being of people, vitality of neighborhoods, creation of jobs and sustainability of the environment.

Community Impact, Engineered.

NPHS applies a holistic approach to community and economic development leading to transformative change. We achieve this by methodically engineering innovative programs, products, services and social enterprises that are customer-centric and interconnected to successfully create meaningful impact.

Innovation. Inclusion. Impact.

Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS) is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in local communities, but it all begins at home by growing, retaining, and improving the lives of our greatest assets—our employees. In response to the growing needs of the community, NPHS has implemented programs to build staff capacity, cultivate leadership development opportunities, reduce staff turnover rates and improve job satisfaction. This has helped develop our organizational bench strength, which in turn improves our staff retention, effectiveness, and efficiency leading to improvement in the delivery of quality services. NPHS has pioneered the following creative strategies and programs to attract and retain talented team members to meet the immediate needs of the organization and the communities we serve.

Equal Opportunity Employer

NPHS Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to achieving a diverse and inclusive workforce by promoting equality and conducting its business according to the principles of social justice, respect and freedom of expression. NPHS’ non-discriminatory and equal opportunity policies apply to all prospective and current employees, as well as contractors and visitors, who may be vulnerable to discriminatory treatment due to certain physical characteristics, beliefs, preferences, orientations or any other traits that make unique and respected individuals.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

NPHS believes in the power of interdepartmental collaboration and an operational structure that breaks through silos by encouraging cross-collaboration between departments to develop innovative solutions and programs. Through staff cross-training and collaboration, NPHS has developed a team of well-rounded professionals with strong capabilities that reach beyond just one area of focus by leveraging various resources and areas of expertise.

Flexible On-site Work Environments

NPHS fosters synergy and cohesion among employees by providing flexible, on-site work environments that further promote collaboration and innovation. Employees are often found working in the board room, the training room, or sharing new ideas in the company’s innovation lab—a workspace designed to inspire creativity. With multiple open and diverse work spaces, the opportunity to diversify one’s work environment is constantly available. This promotes innovative thinking and encourages interdepartmental communication, which is bolstered by the CEO’s open-door policy that encourages impact by design.

Millennial Advisory Committee (MAC)

Intergenerational information sharing to stay current with the needs of an ever-changing clientele is also a primary focus at NPHS. The Millennial Advisory Committee, or MAC, is composed of Millennial employees and executive leadership formed to generate data and recommendations for targeting and servicing Millennial clientele. Through the MAC, NPHS creates an opportunity to directly impact Millennials and provide insight on their priorities, culture and financial capability needs, while gauging their attitudes toward the housing market, their financial outlook, and working in the nonprofit industry. The MAC is designed to assist NPHS in shaping its strategic direction to align with future consumers and employees. With a better understanding of Millennial priorities and career concerns, NPHS can tailor its organizational culture to attract future leaders and continue to build bench strength.

Employer-Assisted Housing Program

NPHS’ Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) program provides a creative way to attract and retain talented staff while accomplishing its community mission by offering down-payment or closing cost assistance. In the last four years, NPHS has helped seven employees purchase homes through the employee-assisted housing program. When employees use NPHS’ in-house realty services for the purchase of their home, the generated commission that the realtor and NPHS usually earn is instead granted to the employee. This program helps employees become homeowners that creates stability, employee loyalty and retention.

NPHS is able to create comprehensive strategies and programs due to its innovative and forward-thinking approach to employee engagement. With an organizational culture rooted in creativity, inclusion, and employee satisfaction, NPHS has developed a means of attracting and retaining qualified employees while fulfilling its responsibilities to the community. This has allowed NPHS to remain competitive with the private industry by offering benefit programs and incentives for employees to produce meaningful work in their communities and maintain long-term staff.

Affordable Housing

NPHS partners with local governments and financial institutions to help low and moderate income home buyers gain access to a wide array of newly renovated, affordable homes. Most of our homes are renovated to include energy-efficient features such as drought-tolerant landscaping, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, solar panels and energy-efficient doors, windows and appliances. These features reduce the long-term energy costs and provide a more affordable, healthier, and comfortable home for your family.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Improving the housing quality throughout Inland Empire neighborhoods is an integral component of NPHS’ mission and wide array of services. With a rich history in neighborhood redevelopment, NPHS has completed many successful rehabilitation and new residential infill projects in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. NPHS provides comprehensive neighborhood redevelopment programs which include real estate services for the acquisition and sale of land and property, single family housing development, residential property rehabilitation and the administration of local home improvement loan and grant programs.

Community Wealth Building & Preservation

NPHS’ Economic Inclusion programs work together to assist underserved consumers to access, obtain and build assets that create pathways for achieving family self-sufficiency and economic mobility. As a Community Development Financial Institution, NPHS believes that economic inclusion – the opening of asset building opportunities for underserved social groups – is integral to the economic and housing development of our region. If underserved people are given a chance to access, obtain, and build concrete and tangible assets, such as savings or a home, they are more likely to participate in the workforce, pursue education or engage in other activities that help them achieve self-sufficiency and economic mobility. For these reasons, NPHs has developed the Economic Inclusion Program, an asset-based approach consisting of programs and services focused on the long-term economic development of individuals, families and communities.

Green Building & Environmental Sustainability

By integrating “green” components into its housing rehabilitation and new construction projects, NPHS is helping the environment as well as saving homeowners money on utility costs. NPHS installs energy and water efficient appliances and fixtures that are EPA Energy Star/WaterSense certified in all of its construction projects.

Job Creation & Preservation

NPHS’ programs and services are strengthening our local and regional economies. In 2015, our programs and services generated over $54 Million in direct investments into our local economy while creating 152 jobs throughout the Inland Valley. As demand grows for our social enterprise programs, and more underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners utilize our economic development services, NPHS advances the economic resiliency of our communities by supporting the creation and preservation of jobs.

A Rich History In Community Development

1994 Neighborhood Partnership of Montclair expanded its services to include homebuyer education and financial assistance, as well as expanding its geographic service area to include the additional cities of Pomona, Ontario, Chino and Upland.

1999 Our organization opened the NPHS NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center, an objective one-stop shop with qualified and highly trained bilingual, bicultural staff to assist its customer base.

2004 NPHS became a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

2011 NPHS joined the Fannie Mae Help Network, providing assistance to struggling homeowners with Fannie Mae-owned mortgages.

2015 NPHS recieved state funding for the first time through the California Organized Investment Network (COIN) and the California Department of Housing and Community Development's Community Housing Development Organization funds (CHDO funds).

1991 Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. received its tax exempt 501(c)(3) status in 1991 under its original name Neighborhood Partnership of Montclair, Inc. The organization’s original mission was to revitalize very low to moderate income neighborhoods in Montclair, primarily through home improvement lending, neighborhood projects and resident leadership.

1997 Neighborhood Partnership of Montclair began offering its Family Fund for HomeOwnership down payment assistance program for first time, very low to moderate income homebuyers.

2002 Neighborhood Partnership of Montclair changed its name to Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. (NPHS) to reflect its founding history in the NeighborWorks Network and to let the communities in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties know that NPHS is here to help them as well.

2007 NPHS became a Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center, helping homeowners with Freddie Mac-owned mortgages keep their homes.

2012 This year marks an NPHS milestone. In 2012, NPHS achieved over $500 million in cumulative direct investments since its inception in 1991.