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  • NPHS to Helps Create Jobs

NPHS Facilitates Microloan for Claremont Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jaso Sanchez dreamed of opening his own Jiu Jitsu school to teach youth and adults from all walks of life about the martial arts discipline that transformed his own life. With ten years of training under his belt and a business background, Jaso had the opportunity to start his own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school

A Message from the CEO

New Year. New Mission. More Impact. More than Housing - A Message from the CEO Happy New Year Partners! An impactful twenty-five years have passed since NPHS was established as a result of a partnership between residents, the City of Montclair and NeighborWorks America. It’s been an enriching journey

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NPHS Helps Single Mother Buy a Home for the Holidays

For many families, the holiday season is a time to count life’s blessings. Amidst struggles and challenges, this season is a time of celebration, quality moments with loved ones, and thanks for the true fortunes we possess. For Salena Madrid and her mother Nancy, this December brings forth a particularly special blessing – a

NPHS Helps Senior Homeowners With Safety Repairs & Upgrades

Imagine being a retired senior citizen, having a limited income and being faced with an unexpected home repair bill when your water heater bursts and floods your home. Jose and Aida Cevallos, senior residents of Chino, found themselves in this predicament. The retired couple lives on limited annual income in a mobile home. When

Home For The Holidays

A Story from Our Neighborhoods As the holidays approach we begin to plan for family gatherings, usually at a home opened to family and friends. It’s important to remember that a home is much more than just a building with walls, but rather a place for creating lasting memories and relationships. However,


For Immediate Release December 6, 2016      Media Contact: Victor Ramirez (909) 218-848 NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP HOUSING SERVICES RECEIVES $82,500 GRANT FROM JPMORGAN CHASE TO SUPPORT SOJOURNER SOLAR LOAN PROGRAM RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA -  Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. (NPHS) is announcing the recent $82,500 grant provided by


For Immediate Release November 1, 2016 Media Contact: Victor Ramirez (909) 218-8483 NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP HOUSING SERVICES RECEIVES $100,000 PRIORITY MARKETS GRANT FROM WELLS FARGO TO SUPPORT GREEN OPPORTUNITY HOMEOWNERSHIP PROGRAM RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. (NPHS) is the proud recipient of a

A Thank You Letter From One of Our Veterans

As our country unites this month to recognize our veterans, we are reminded of our mission to empower families and build neighborhoods to capture opportunities that lead to economic security. NPHS strives to provide our programs and services for military families, veterans and those who serve for our country. We would like to share

Villa Del Sol

Villa Del Sol Development Part 1: Predevelopment and Modular Placement NPHS and City of Chino Partner to Develop New Homeownership Opportunities and Revitalize Neighborhood NPHS had completed the first phase of the Villa Del Sol development in the city of Chino that is creating three new homes as part a revitalization and infill development

NPHS Helps Struggling Family Facing Foreclosure Find Hope

Foreclosure - the word alone brings up feelings of fear, loss and hopelessness. What do you do when faced with the real possibility of losing your home? Add a pregnancy to the mix and you would understand the situation that Jonna and John Raddock from Moreno Valley, CA found themselves in. The Raddock Family