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1508, 2017

Media Alert

NPHS Media Contact: Victor Ramirez, VP Communications or (909) 218-8483     City of Chino Media Contact: Monica Gutierrez, Public

1508, 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New High-Performance Manufactured Homes

For Immediate Release   August 22, 2017   NPHS Media Contact: Victor Ramirez, VP Communications or (909) 218-8483  

1107, 2017

Private-Public Partnerships Help Solve Veteran Housing Issues

For Immediate Release July 12, 2017        Media Contact: Victor Ramirez (909) 218-848 NPHS Inc. Partners with Wells

2706, 2017

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102, 2018

Realty Services and Home Improvement trends in today’s market

Although the heydays of the real estate boom of the early 2000s have not quite returned, things look positive. In the United States, 1,226,000

1601, 2018

City of San Bernardino and NPHS Break Ground on Three Infill Developments

Creating Greener, Healthier Neighborhoods The development of three homes is under way in the City of San Bernardino. In partnership with the city, NPHS

301, 2018

This New Year cut that Energy Bill and Stay Green

Homeowners continue to seek creative ways to reduce monthly expenses while being more environmentally conscious. Knowing where your money is being spent gives you

1812, 2017

Set and Stick to your Holiday Budget

The chance to give gifts and spend time with loved ones makes the holiday season a special time of year. But for many people,