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NPHS in partnership with the City of Chino is providing a one-time grant for home improvements and or modifications which are designed to make the home safer; particularly to cure Health and Safety Code deficiencies or that improve the senior’s quality of life. The grant is for senior citizens or permanently disabled individuals with mobility issues. The grant covers all costs associated with the repairs; including labor, supplies and materials.

The Grant is up to $2,500, must live in Chino and be at least 62 years of age or be disabled with mobility issues.

Applications are prioritized for funding purposes on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, you are required to complete and return the application within 30 days. If after three (3) contacts made to you, staff has not received your completed application, your file will be closed and your name will be placed at the bottom of the list. Delays can jeopardize the funding since, as stated above, funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Staff will go to the next household on the list.

Homeowners whose applications have been accepted for this Program will receive a ONE-TIME GRANT in an amount up to $2,500 for eligible home repairs and in accordance with NPHS’ housing rehabilitation standards as set forth in the Housing Code. The finished rehabilitation work must be free of any Health and Safety Code, Building Code, or other State and local code violations and must, at a minimum, meet Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

Chino Healthy Homes Grant Application

Chino Healthy Homes Grant Flyer

Please submit your completed application and all requested information to:

NPHS, Inc.
Redevelopment Department
ATTN: Cecilia Gonzalez
9551 Pittsburgh Ave.,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Or email to:


1. Be an individual of 62 years of age or older or permanently disabled with mobility disabilities.

2. Be an owner occupant of a single-family home or mobile home in the City of Chino.

3. The home may not be for sale or sold for a period of one (1) year from the date funds are expended to the contractor.

4. Have a maximum total family income (including all adult members of the household and all sources of income) of no more than:

Income Requirements

1 person household           $35,800

2 person household           $40,900

3 person household           $46,000

4 person household           $51,100

5 person household           $55,200

6 person household           $59,300

7 person household           $63,400

8 person household          $67,500

(2016 Income Guidelines for the Community Development Block Grant Program)

The Healthy Homes for Seniors home repair grant requires the completion of the application in order to participate in the Program. The following is a listing of what information you will be required to provide in order to initially submit a completed application.