Helping Employers House their Workforce

Employer-Assisted Housing Program: Housing is a crucial component of economic competitiveness for employers seeking a reliable workforce. Employers have a stake in extending housing affordability and creating housing opportunities for their employees while increasing the competitiveness of their businesses in the areas in which they are located. A customized Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) program can provide a unique opportunity for businesses to help their employees become homeowners or secure affordable housing close to work. Benefit programs are offered at the employer’s worksite and remotely which include the following services:

  • Homebuyer education and counseling
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • First-time homebuyer mortgage programs
  • Foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Realtor® homebuyer representation
  • Relocation services

Through NPHS’ exclusive Closing Cost Assistance Program, employees utilizing NPHS’ realty services can also qualify for a grant to reduce the cost of homeownership acquisition.

Overall, the EAH program is designed to help employers attract and retain quality employees, while improving community relations. Creating sustainable homeownership and increasing the financial security of employees have been shown to be directly correlated to employee productivity, morale and retention. Reduced commuting is also an interwoven objective – creating a better future for employers, their employees and their families.

Please call Carlos Tena, Vice president of Programs and Services, at 909-983-4921 for more information on designing a customized Employer-Assisted Housing Program for your business or organization.

Employer Assisted Housing Flyer