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Economic Inclusion

NPHS’ Economic Inclusion programs work together to assist underserved consumers to access, obtain and build assets that create pathways for achieving family self-sufficiency and economic mobility. As a Community Development Financial Institution, NPHS believes that economic inclusion – the opening of asset building opportunities for underserved social groups – is integral to the economic and housing development of our region. If underserved people are given a chance to access, obtain, and build concrete and tangible assets, such as savings or a home, they are more likely to participate in the workforce, pursue education or engage in other activities that help them achieve self-sufficiency and economic mobility. For these reasons, NPHs has developed the Economic Inclusion Program, an asset-based approach consisting of programs and services focused on the long-term economic development of individuals, families and communities. Click here for more information.

Free Tax Assistance (VITA/EITC)

Did you know that there are 5 seasons in the year?  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Tax Season! NPHS partners with the County of San Bernardino to offer FREE Federal and California state income tax return preparation and electronic filing services to eligible working individuals and families through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. VITA offers free tax help to people who earned a household income of $54,000 or less in 2015.  Basic tax returns are completed and e-filed by IRS trained and certified volunteers who make sure important refundable tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) are correctly claimed. Click here for more information.

Financial Wellness for Homeownership

Financial Wellness helps consumers improve their understanding of financial concepts and services and take action to improve their financial well-being. Through the development of real-life financial skills, the program empowers individuals and families to be financially responsible as wealth builders, homeowners, investors, citizens and members of the workforce. Click here for more information.

Financial Fitness for Seniors

Older adults are vulnerable to a number of financial threats, including fraud, identity theft and financial elder abuse. Combine these threats with the challenges of living on a fixed income and it becomes clear that financial and computer literacy is a necessary skill for seniors. Financial Fitness for Seniors helps older adults gain an understanding of financial literacy, recognize risk factors for exploitation and learn to make more informed financial judgments. For many disadvantaged, older adults, the path to economic security begins with basic money management. Learning how to budget, avoid scams, navigate the internet, apply for benefits and manage prepaid debit cards can help them stay secure and independent longer. Click here for more information.

Somos Familia

Somos Familia is an economic inclusion program focused on educating Hispanic consumers about ways to become fully integrated into the banking system, and directly linking them to safe, affordable financial products and services. Somos Familia is specifically designed to empower unbanked Hispanic families and individuals to gain access to mainstream banking services that assist in sustainable wealth building. By providing participants with information, skills, and resources necessary to improve their financial condition, Somos Familia builds on the strengths of Latino communities by cultivating the values of self-sufficiency, upward mobility, and long-term security. Click here for more information.

Technology Center

The NPHS Technology Center is committed to ensuring underserved consumers have equal opportunity to access technology for life-long learning and personal and community empowerment. As the digital divide becomes less about access to computers and more about a culture of use and understanding, the Technology Center offers online resources that advance financial education, individual asset-building and workforce development opportunities. Click here for more information.