Neighborhood Revitalization

Comprehensive Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resell

All of these regions were hit hard by foreclosures during the housing crisis.  As it became clear that these areas were suffering from the greatest number of foreclosures, low home values, and the highest unemployment, NPHS’ staff and Board of Directors decided to strategically focus resources on targeted distressed communities within these cities. NPHS purchases dilapidated REO properties from the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) and rehabilitates them to a safe, sustainable standard complete with green building upgrades. NPHS then sources a low-to-moderate income family to purchase the rehabilitated properties and become successful first-time homebuyers through NPHS’ homebuyer program.  To further afford the cost of homeownership, NPHS also offers down payment assistance loans to the new homebuyers.

Neighborhood Revitalization home improvement before and after

Sustainable Communities Catalyst Project

The Sustainable Communities Catalyst  Project focuses on providing a holistic approach to creating healthy and sustainable homes for low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals and families throughout 10 targeted communities within the Inland Valley (San Bernardino and Riverside).   The program utilizes 6 core strategies for stabilizing communities: Neighborhood Revitalization, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, Homeownership Creation and Preservation, Homeownership Finance, and Financial Education training.  The overall objective of the program is to prevent blight, promote sustainable homeownership, and serve as a catalyst to attract new private sector investors within the ten cluster communities.  As a result of these strategies, the following outcome goals are anticipated to assist LMI individuals: acquire, rehabilitate and resell distressed properties; preserve homeownership by preventing foreclosures; create homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers; provide down-payment assistance loans; fund grants / loans to repair homes owned by seniors or disabled veterans; provide reverse mortgage counseling to seniors; provide financial education and counseling to unbanked and underbanked LMI individuals

(South Sierra Community)
Targeted zip code: 92335

(South Euclid Community)
Targeted zip code: 91762

(La Cadena Community)
Targeted zip code: 92324

(Sycamore Park Community)
Targeted zip code: 92376

(La Sierra Community)
Targeted zip code: 92503

(Old Elsinore Community)
Targeted zip codes: 92570

(South Valle Vista Community)
Targeted zip codes: 92543

(North McCall Community)
Targeted zip codes: 92586

Moreno Valley
(North Alessandro Community)
Targeted zip codes: 92553