Impact with a Social Return on Investment

NPHS’ Community Investment Trust, established in 2015, plays a pivotal role in strategically attracting and deploying community investments to drive forward the objectives of affordable housing, community lending, and equity within the Inland Empire region. The Community Investment Trust is NPHS’ Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

One of the core missions of the Community Investment Trust is to collaborate closely with social impact investors. These investors, driven by a commitment to positive societal change, align their capital with the NPHS’ initiatives to cultivate more economically inclusive and equitable communities across the Inland Empire.

The Community Investment Trust comprises three Funds that harness public and private sector investments to fuel the organization’s Affordable Housing Fund, Community Lending Fund, and Equity Innovation Fund.

Community Investment Trust affordable housing development

Affordable Housing Fund

The Affordable Housing Fund, a vital component of the trust’s activities, is pivotal in advancing NPHS’ mission. This fund provides the essential financial support needed to develop affordable single-family homes and rental housing within the region. Additionally, the Affordable Housing Fund also channels resources into initiatives to preserve housing affordability, such as the Community Land Trust program, ensuring that the benefits of affordable housing persist over time.

Through NPHS’ Neighborhood Revitalization Program, REO foreclosed properties are converted into safe and healthy homes for first-time homebuyers. These homes are sold exclusively to low-to-moderate income homebuyers in order to increase the rate of homeownership in neighborhoods that were hard-hit by foreclosures.

NPHS anticipates renovating and selling 75 homes by 2022 as part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

NPHS partners with local municipalities and private institutions to acquire vacant blighted lots which are convereted to affordable housing developments for low-income families, primarily families of color throughout the Inland Valley.

NPHS has a goal to develop 50 homes for low-income families by 2022.

The Affordable Housing Fund supports the acquisition and preservation of quality multi-family housing as part of NPHS’ Affordable Rental Housing Program. To address the rising cost of rental housing in the Inland Empire, the program makes available single-family and multi-family homes for rent to low-income families who are not yet ready for homeownership. Recently, the Trust financed the acquisition of two four-unit multi-family properties in the City of San Jacinto.

NPHS’ goal is to acquire and rehabilitate a total of 150 rental units by 2022.

Community Lending Fund

The Community Lending Fund is another crucial facet of the trust’s work. This fund is responsible for facilitating the creation of various low to moderate-income consumer financial products, including down payment assistance, home repair loans, solar financing, and small business loans. Offering a range of financing options empowers low- and moderate-income individuals who have historically faced challenges in accessing financial resources.

NPHS provides down payment assistance in the form of low interest loans for low-to-moderate income households to be used for down payment or closing cost for purchasing a home within Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

The Renaissance Home Repair Loan offers up to $20,000 for each eligible household in the Inland Valley to be used for financing health and safety repairs, beautification projects, and energy efficiency upgrades. The purpose of the Renaissance Home Improvement Loan is to provide affordable loan terms to assist low income single-family homeowners (earning below 80% of the Area Median Income) with access to affordable financing options for home improvement projects that will create safe, desirable, and sanitary housing.

The spirit behind PIVOT is to help small businesses adapt and evolve in the age of COVID-19. The marketplace may be changed forever, and small business owners have immediately begun to look at options for modifying their business models. Entrepreneurs need to pivot and adapt to ensure their long-term growth and survival. PIVOT provides capital to new and existing small businesses to finance the adjustments they need for their operations to grow and thrive throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The Equity Innovation Fund

The Equity Innovation Fund supports a wide range of NPHS initiatives that advance racial equity by supporting innovative social enterprises that address market disparities. These initiatives span all areas of impact, ensuring that NPHS goes beyond traditional nonprofit models by developing revenue-generating social enterprises that advance equity on multiple fronts and contribute to the organization’s financial sustainability to drive meaningful societal change.

Everyone owns the sun and we should all be able to afford its benefits. Sojourner connects underserved communities to the benefits of solar by bringing a level of unprecedented affordability not offered by for-profit solar companies. The sun belongs to everyone and families shouldn’t pay a hefty premium to enjoy its benefits.

The Community Investment Trust is a remarkable opportunity for impact investors to become active participants in scalable housing and economic development solutions. By aligning their resources with the Trust, investors can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for the Inland Empire. The trust’s commitment to creating lasting change and amplifying impact makes it an attractive and meaningful avenue for those seeking to make a difference in the region.

Investment Opportunities

NPHS is seeking to raise $10 million in equity investments over the next three years to capitalize and expand the Community Investment Trust to improve affordable housing, community lending, and economic development in the Inland Empire.

Financial institutions, foundations, social impact investors, and the public sector interested in investing in the Community Investment Trust may contact Greg O’Donnell, NPHS Vice President of Resource Development and Communications, via email at or call (909) 243-7035.