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NPHS Opportunity Down Payment Loan Program

Opportunity provides up to $20,000 in the form of a low-interest loan for each eligible household to be used towards down payment for the purchase of a home within the Inland Empire. The program is intended for low to moderate income first-time home buyers (120% AMI and below) who can afford monthly mortgage payments but do not have quite enough saved to pay the initial home purchase down payment and non-reoccurring closing costs to purchase a home. The program is designed to not only help borrowers come up with a required down payment for purchasing a home, but in many cases, the loan can be used strategically with a lender’s portfolio product to potentially eliminate a mortgage insurance payment. By doing so, the loan would be a much more affordable alternative to having mortgage insurance and would save the family money. The program is specifically engineered to promote sustainable homeownership in the Inland Valley by lowering the homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment.

The NPHS Opportunity Down Payment Loan is a 30 year loan that is deferred for the first 5 years with no payments or accrued interest, after which it becomes a 25 year fully amortized loan at a 3% interest rate available for eligible first-time buyers who intend to owner occupy their home during the duration of the loan. There is no prepayment penalty for borrowers who complete payments ahead of schedule. Funds are available on a first come, first served basis. A loan processing fee will apply for all funded loans.

In order to effectively determine your eligibility, please complete this application as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Please note that you must use an NPHS Approved Lender and submit a completed application for the NPHS Opportunity Down Payment Loan. The application, along with all required documents, must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to any loan commitments or closing dates. When you are qualified you will be issued a letter of pre-approval that will remain valid for 60 days.

All packets and supporting documentation should be sent to If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact one of our Homeownership Specialist at (909) 988-5979.

Attention Lenders & Agents:
When submitting a packet or inquiring about the program please e-mail us, as that is the best and fastest way. The timeline for the pre-qualification is five (5) days once we have a complete file. Times will increase if paperwork is not received which will delay the process.