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Sojourner Makes Purchasing a Solar Panel System Affordable

Sojourner Solar offers homeowners the opportunity to own a solar panel system through a process that is consumer friendly, easy to understand, and more importantly, very affordable. With Sojourner Solar, you own the solar panel system instead of leasing it, which qualifies you to directly benefit from available solar tax credits.

Solar with a Mission

As a social enterprise of a non-profit organization, Sojourner’s mission is to create sustainable homeownership by providing the opportunity for homeowners to be part of the solar economy. Sojourner offers high-quality, top of the line solar panels designed and installed by professional solar integrators.  By “making solar affordable” and passing down the savings to homeowners, you can benefit from energy cost savings as well as other benefits from owning solar panels. Purchase your Sojourner Solar system today and start saving money on your energy costs, help promote an inclusive solar economy, and lessen the carbon footprint of the environment.

Power from the Sun is Free… Don’t Pay a Premium to Access It!

Qualified homeowners may purchase a solar panel system directly from Sojourner Solar at significantly below retail price with no down payment requirements or any other upfront costs. We are not a marketing or referral service, so by dealing directly with Sojourner Solar you will save on purchasing and installation costs. Call for more information and a free estimate from one of our community friendly solar consultants. There is absolutely no obligation and we will never sell your contact information to a marketing company.

Extensive Line of Quality Solar Panel Systems

While partnering with many manufacturers, Sojourner Solar offers our customers convenient access to an extensive line of quality solar panels systems at an affordable price. Below is a list of solar panel brands that we currently offer.

Homeowners have many reasons for going solar, and it will vary among homeowners based on their personal goals. Your goals may be to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, but here are some of the top reasons why homeowners decide to go solar:

  1. Solar Saves You Money: Going solar will eliminate or greatly reduce your energy bill by generating free power over the 25 year life of your solar system. Although your system may not offset your energy consumption by 100%, your net savings will help you reduce your monthly expenses to help you manage your household budget more effectively.  You can use your new disposable income to pay off debt or building your savings.
  1. Solar Protects the Environment: Did you know that the average household creates about 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year!  Going solar will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help protect the environment and reduce health problems by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.  Using renewable solar energy is 100% emissions free, and reduces the demand of electricity from your utility company that produces carbon emissions.
  1. Solar Increases your Property Value: Real estate studies have shown that homeowners can increase their property value 3 to 4% by installing solar panel systems.  Homes with solar also sell twice as fast as homes without panels, and have a larger impact in areas with high rates of electricity usage, such as the Inland Valley.  Going solar has a great return on investment!  Click Here to read the full report.
  1. Solar Protects You Against Rising Energy Costs: Energy costs are clearly increasing each year as fossil and other carbon fuels become depleted. Going solar helps protect you from fluctuating energy costs by generating your own renewable energy.  Your energy costs become more predictable and consistent over time, and are impacted less by utility company rate hikes.
  1. Solar Creates Sustainable Jobs: By becoming part of the solar economy, you can contribute to creating better paying quality jobs and help improve the local economy. Solar jobs pay living and sustainable wages which cannot be outsourced.  Many solar integrators are small business owners who create jobs for other working families and live in your communities.  The solar industry is one of the nation’s fastest growing job-creators that are greatly contributing to the national economy.

Sojourner Solar provides a level of affordability to purchase and own a solar power system not offered by most traditional for-profit solar companies. According to a recent Consumer Reports article, the key distinction between purchasing and leasing a solar panel system is ownership. Depending on the financial goals of the homeowner, owning a system outweighs the benefits of leasing a system from a third party for the following reasons:

  • No upfront costs
  • Homeowners may benefit from available solar tax credits and incentives
  • Affordable fixed financing available for eligible homeowners
  • Interest may be tax-deductible
  • Home appreciates in value
  • Transfer ownership with sale of the home
  • Saves more on electricity costs than leasing options

*Read the full Consumer Reports article on the benefits of owning a solar panel system. Click Here

Contact NPHS at 909-988-5979 to explore your solar financing options.

  1. Talk to a Sojourner Solar Consultant. One of our solar consultants will ask you a few simple questions to determine if your home is right for solar.
  2. Home Assessment & System Design. If your home qualifies, we’ll provide a customized quote and a free design of your home’s new solar system with no obligation to purchase. Upon approval, a technician will visit you in your home to confirm your system design, verify measurements, and finalize your home assessment.
  3. Apply for financing if needed. Affordable and flexible financing is available from 2.99% to 5.99%.
  4. Installation. We submit your solar design for city review and approval. Once we have the permits, one of our certified solar integrators will install your system.
  5. Connect to the grid. Finally, your utility company will install a net meter that connects your system to the grid, and give you the green light to turn it on so you can start saving.

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