NPHS Helps Struggling Family Facing Foreclosure Find Hope

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Foreclosure – the word alone brings up feelings of fear, loss and hopelessness. What do you do when faced with the real possibility of losing your home? Add a pregnancy to the mix and you would understand the situation that Jonna and John Raddock from Moreno Valley, CA found themselves in.

The Raddock Family had worked hard to purchase their dream home for themselves and their three children. A few years later, they unexpectedly found themselves in financial hardship being unable to pay their mortgage. They found themselves facing a foreclosure, and for a year and a half Jonna tried to negotiate a loan modification with their lender on her own. During this challenging time, Jonna received the wonderful news that she was expecting her fourth child, but her due date just happened to coincide with the sale date for her home. After being denied her attempt at securing a loan modification, Jonna realized she needed help. Their lender referred the Raddock family to NPHS, which she felt was her last hope.

Jonna walked into the Riverside NPHS office in desperate need of foreclosure prevention assistance. There she met with an NPHS Homeownership Specialist who would provide one on one counseling and submit documentation to the lender on her behalf. NPHS and its team of Homeownership Specialists offer free foreclosure prevention counseling to individuals who may be facing a possible foreclosure situation. By acting as a liaison between the homeowner and you’re their mortgage company, NPHS’ highly trained and experienced counselors work diligently to help make mortgage payments more affordable if possible. NPHS has provided foreclosure counseling to over 2,500 homeowners, and prevented over 1,400 homes from being foreclosed.

Soon enough, Jonna and John sat down to discuss the situation with their homeownership specialist and plan out a strategy. Once all of the required documents were collected, NPHS submitted the file to the lender and was able to postpone the sale date. Finally, the day came when NPHS’ homeownership specialist received the approval for the loan modification, so she called Jonna to share the great news to find out that she had gone into labor and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The relief that Jonna felt was immeasurable knowing for certain that she had a home to bring her baby to.

After over a year of diligently working with Jonna and John, NPHS helped provide the Raddock family a second chance. In a recent interview for NPHS Jonna said, “The thing I learned through NPHS is to not give up, there is always hope!”

After over a year of diligently working with Jonna and John, NPHS helped provide the Raddock family a second chance. If you are interested in NPHS’ Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program, please Click Here for more information, or call NPHS at (909) 988-5979.

About the Author:

Jessica is the Public Relations and Marketing VISTA at NPHS. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Dominguez Hills.