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New Year. New Mission. More Impact.

More than Housing – A Message from the CEO

Happy New Year Partners!

An impactful twenty-five years have passed since NPHS was established as a result of a partnership between residents, the City of Montclair and NeighborWorks America. It’s been an enriching journey for sure.

Thanks to the thought-leadership of our innovative and hardworking team, and an engaged and forward-thinking board, NPHS has developed into a versatile and adaptable housing and community economic development organization. Our journey has led us to expand into other areas of impact in addition to housing. So much so that in December 2016, our Board of Directors revised our mission statement to better reflect our current areas of work.

“NPHS builds stronger communities by creating innovative housing and economic solutions that advance the well-being of people, vitality of neighborhoods, creation of jobs, and sustainability of the environment.”

This is NPHS’ new mission that will drive our work moving forward. It reflects our new areas of impact and our comprehensive approach to community economic development. NPHS will continue to remain laser-focused on developing programs that advance affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, and community wealth building. We’ve now expanded our work to integrate social enterprise models that promote job creation and preservation, and environmental sustainability. Although a great deal of what we do is inherently interconnected with housing, we also offer services that help small businesses grow and succeed. Our green programs are aimed at increasing discretionary income in low-wealth households while also conserving our natural resources. These programs include offering commercial real estate services to small businesses, as well as selling and financing solar panels.

Yes, we now sell and finance solar panel systems! Sojourner Solar is NPHS’ first social enterprise that provides an unprecedented level of affordability not offered by most traditional for-profit solar companies. Sojourner offers homeowners the opportunity to finance and purchase a solar panel system through a process that is consumer friendly, easy to understand, and more importantly, very affordable.

Our Commercial Real Estate Services is a social enterprise effort to directly create and preserve jobs by assisting underserved entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing small business, and nonprofit organizations sustainably obtain office, retail, and industrial space to start and grow their enterprises. Other programs that grew from this effort include providing space planning services to help facilitate tenant improvements and office design layout. And, through a powerful network of nonprofit small business lenders, we also help emerging entrepreneurs access working capital to grow their businesses. Later this year, our marketing team will launch DesignThink, a social enterprise that will provide graphic and web design services to nonprofits and small businesses.

Engineering community impact is nothing new here at NPHS. As we begin this New Year, we will challenge and stretch ourselves more than ever to innovate further and successfully create meaningful and lasting, positive change in our neighborhoods. We will continue to “think outside the house” and continue to rally our partners to fight-the-good-fight as we have done relentlessly for the past twenty-five years.

Thank you for your confidence and support. Thank you on behalf of the thousands of families who have been lifted by NPHS.

May we all achieve greater heights in 2017.


Clemente Arturo Mojica

About the Author:

Jessica is the Public Relations and Marketing VISTA at NPHS. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Dominguez Hills.