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March 14, 2017

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. (NPHS Inc.) is announcing the launch of Sojourner Solar, a social enterprise with the mission to make solar panel systems affordable to all homeowners in the Inland Valley. Sojourner Solar was designed to be a disruptor in the solar industry introducing an innovative solar panel pricing model that will provide access to the benefits of owning a solar power system to all homeowners.

As a social enterprise of a non-profit organization, Sojourner Solar’s mission is to create sustainable homes by providing the opportunity for all homeowners to be part of the solar economy. Sojourner also aims at educating consumers on using the cost savings to pay down consumer debt, particularly the solar loan, to increase the net worth of the homeowner, while creating opportunities for local green jobs.

“The overall goal of Sojourner Solar is to assist qualified homeowners offset their power usage by going solar and minimizing their electricity bill to as near net zero as possible at the end of the year,” said Clemente A. Mojica, President and CEO of NPHS Inc. and the social entrepreneur behind Sojourner Solar. “Sojourner Solar is a disruptor in the solar industry that will also address environmental issues, promote solar economic inclusion, and support the creation of local green jobs.”

Solar systems have traditionally only been accessible to affluent homeowners due to the high cost of panels, emphasis on tax credit incentives, and complex financing options. Sojourner Solar’s pricing model saves homeownership up to 30% from retail prices by passing the savings down to the homeowner. Sojourner offers high quality, top of the line solar panels designed and installed by local licensed professional solar integrators.

NPHS Inc. is the parent company of Sojourner Solar and is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution by the Department of Treasury to address the community economic needs of the region. NPHS partners with social impact investors and corporate philanthropists such as JPMorgan Chase to capitalize the Sojourner Solar start-up company. JPMorgan Chase contributed $82,500 to help support the Sojourner Solar Loan Program which provides access to affordable financing for low to moderate income homeowners to purchase, install and benefit from solar power systems.

“We know that supporting a more environmentally sustainable global economy that harnesses renewable materials and energy sources is a challenge with real implications for every sector of modern society, including homebuyers,” said Myeisha Peguero Gamino, head of Philanthropy for JPMorgan Chase in Southern California. “That’s why we are delighted to support NPHS in its mission to provide access to affordable solar power in the Inland Empire. We hope home owners can take full advantage of the cost savings from solar power.”

NPHS has provided community and economic development services to the residents of the Inland Valley since 1991. NPHS has grown from a small grassroots organization into a multifaceted organization serving the three Southern California counties of San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles providing community lending, counseling and education, affordable housing development, realty services, and economic development programs.

About Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS)
NPHS is a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that promotes economic development through their social enterprise programs providing access to capital, residential and commercial realty services and solar loan programs. NPHS is also part of the Neighborworks® Network which is dedicated to building stronger communities by providing down payment assistance, homebuyer education, homeownership retention counseling, and affordable housing development benefitting low to moderate income families. NPHS’ overall mission is to build stronger communities by creating innovative housing and economic solutions that advance the well-being of people, vitality of neighborhoods, creation of jobs and sustainability of the environment. Visit for further information.

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