NPHS Launches Manufactured Housing Done Right Campaign

NPHS and the City of Chino partnered to create three new homeownership opportunities for working families through an infill manufactured housing development. On August 22, 2017 nonprofit leaders, elected officials, and corporate partners celebrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Villa del Sol, a three-unit revitalization project and infill development for low-to-moderate income first-time homebuyers. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the finished homes and experience the high quality and performance of manufactured homes. This celebration also represented the launch of NPHS’ “Manufactured Housing Done Right” Campaign to promote factory-built homes as an innovative solution to affordable homeownership in partnership with Next Step.

The revitalization project began eight years ago with a boarded-up, vacant home in the midst of a housing crisis that shook the Inland Empire at its core. With housing prices at basement levels, NPHS identified the property and saw an opportunity to revitalize the neighborhood of hard-working families by creating three affordable homes on the same parcel. Working in close partnership with the city, NPHS divided the parcel into thirds. After demolishing the blighted, existing structure, the way was paved for the development of three craftsman-style modular homes known as Villa del Sol. The homes will also qualify for down-payment assistance offered through the city.

“Villa del Sol offers potential homeowners, investors and developers the opportunity to experience the many benefits of manufactured housing over traditional stick-built construction,” said Clemente A. Mojica, President & CEO of NPHS, Inc. “Prefabrication allows the homes to be constructed in a setting where weather always cooperates, and high-standards improve quality and precision. This allows for economies of scale that can exceed the quality of site-built structures at a lower cost and at a faster rate. Through our recent partnership with Next Step, we plan on using this model as we continue to partner with local municipalities to develop affordable housing.”

NPHS has partnered with Next Step to offer an innovative line of factory-built homes to homebuyers. Next Step’s mission is to put sustainable homeownership within the reach of everyone, while transforming the manufactured housing industry through consumer education, affordability and energy efficiency. Next Step’s Manufactured Housing Done Right Program provides training, technical assistance, and performance standards to a national network of nonprofits to increase access to affordable housing. As a Next Step Network Member, NPHS works with Next Step approved retailers to order homes for homebuyers. All homes are designed specifically for the particular site being developed. NPHS coordinates the delivery of the homes with the retailer and oversees all the onsite and offsite construction of every home site.

Thanks to a grant from NeighborWorks America, the homes will feature solar panels, which will be installed by GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit organization providing solar energy to low-to-moderate income communities. This will bring significant financial savings through reduced energy costs, and future buyers will enjoy the benefits of owning the panels outright through a special subsidized assistance program.

For further information on NPHS’ factory-built housing projects or for partnership opportunities, please contact Jenny Ortiz, vice president of Social Enterprises and Innovation, at (909) 204-7451 or

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