Creating Greener, Healthier Neighborhoods

The development of three homes is under way in the City of San Bernardino. In partnership with the city, NPHS is developing three separate lots with beautiful, high-performing factory-built homes. The 1,500 square foot homes are being manufactured to high energy efficient standards and feature an attached garage and porch. The effort aims to revitalize neighborhoods throughout the city while creating homeownership opportunities for low-income families.

“Neighborhood Revitalization lifts spirits, increases property values, improves the neighborhood’s image, and attracts additional investments,” says Adam Hicks, NPHS’ Vice President of Housing Development. “This partnership will not only create affordable homeownership opportunities for many working families, but it will also improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods.”

With the cost of developing site-built homes skyrocketing, factory-built homes are a viable option for economies of scale, especially when developing scattered vacant lots. NPHS is finding that the cost of developing a factory-built homes is significantly less than traditional site-built homes. A traditional site-built home with the same configuration and similar amenities costs NPHS approximately 25% more than a manufactured home. This dramatic difference in cost opens up the homeownership opportunity to a greatly expanded pool of individuals and families.

As a member of the Next Step Network, NPHS worked with Next Step to identify the manufacturers, select the homes, and to ensure the partnership receives the best possible pricing. All three homes will have solar panels installed and are expected to be completed in late May 2018.

For further information on NPHS’ factory-built housing developments or for partnership opportunities, please contact Jenny Ortiz, Vice President of Social Innovations, at (909) 204-7451 or

Interested homebuyers can get prequalified online by clicking on the link below or visiting NPHS at 9551 Pittsburgh Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.