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Creating shared-equity strategies that build wealth and preserve affordability

In the Inland Empire today, population growth and economic investment are driving up real estate prices so that fewer and fewer working people can afford to live in the communities where they work. Fewer still can afford to buy homes in those communities. Through the NPHS Community Land Trust (NPHS CLT), access to homeownership for people who are otherwise priced out of the housing market becomes a reality thanks to this shared-equity model.

There is growing awareness of shared-equity models, especially community land trusts, and mounting interest among housing advocates, policy makers, and community developers for making affordability last longer. There has also been an uptick in the number of manufactured housing communities, other nonprofits, and inclusionary housing programs that have adopted or are supporting shared-equity models, especially community land trusts.

“Now is a time when many parts of our inland communities could benefit from having a larger stock of shared-equity homes under a community land trust model,” say NPHS CEO Clemente Arturo Mojica. “Since community land trust homes remain affordable in perpetuity, this housing stock is not lost over time like most affordable housing.”

The NPHS CLT was created as part of a holistic framework to develop, preserve and protect housing affordability in neighborhoods throughout the Inland Empire and East Los Angeles County.  The NPHS CLT is one of three interconnected Social Instruments created by NPHS to advance homeownership developments, but with the specific purpose of preserving affordability permanently. NPHS CLT developments are under way in the cities of San Bernardino, San Jacinto and Apple Valley.

For more information on the NPHS CLT and to support our affordability preservation efforts, please contact Greg O’Donnell at or (909) 243-7035.