Responding to COVID-19

The health and safety of our team and of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. NPHS is adjusting its operations. Our team will maintain regular business hours, but many of them will work remotely. We encourage you to connect with our team over the phone or by email as our office will be closed to the public. We are dedicated to meeting your housing needs with minimal interruption in service.

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Just Click HOME

On January 2020, NPHS launched the “Just Click HOME” campaign to connect households from all walks of life to services that build awareness that homeownership is possible. The campaign is dedicated to increasing homeownership rates and addressing related barriers, especially for people of color across the region. It also aims to inform the broader home buying community that starting the homeownership process just got a whole lot easier with NPHS’ online resources.
Over the next six months, NPHS will advertise its home buying services across all social media outlets through its “Just Click HOME” campaign. With just a couple of clicks, homebuyers can find out how much they can afford to purchase, prequalify for a home loan, and even request a Realtor. And a dedicated Home buying Advisor will guide homebuyers every click of the way.
Phone, tablet, and Computer featuring NPHS website and Just Click HOME
“We want people to know there are resources out there to help them become successful homeowners. We want to show them how to start their own personal journey to homeownership,” says Carlos Tena, Vice President of Programs and Services. “Signing-up takes under 5 minutes. It’s that easy,” says Tena.


Homebuyers can simply begin by creating a personal profile which they can do from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Homebuyers will then work with their Home buying Advisor to get prequalified, secure a home loan, inquire about down payment assistance resources, sign-up for home buying workshops, and select a Realtor.


NPHS and its partners are combining their resources and outreach efforts to raise awareness and reach more potential homebuyers, many of whom have “self-selected” themselves out of ownership. “The most important thing is to not get caught up in that ‘We can’t be a homeowner’ myth. NPHS is here dispel myths about homeownership and information and resources are available to them,” said Tena.
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It’s now easier than ever to make your dream a reality, with a click of a button you can connect with NPHS professionals to help you with:
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