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The real estate market is not operating traditionally during these troubling times, but our NPHS real estate professionals have been working behind the scenes to ensure first-time homebuyers and sellers receive quality realty services, even though they are virtual. There is still an incredibly large amount of unknowns out there but we are doing our best to operate and provide quality, mission-driven homeownership services. Our NPHS Realtors® work especially with potential buyers using down payment assistance and first-time homebuyer mortgage programs to purchase their first home. Make your virtual appointment today.

RaShawna Fahie, Realtor
(909) 204-7459

With 14 years of experience as a Realtor, RaShawna sees to it that all her clients are treated with honesty and respect. Working with a team of agents and lenders, client services has always been placed at the utmost priority. Leaving nothing to chance or surprise.

“I work to build a trusting relationship with my clients with the understanding that it’s not just a transaction, it’s a home.”

Ameer J. Elahee, Realtor
(626) 625-0099

Ameer J. Elahee is a successful realtor, consultant, international speaker, and motivational life coach. One of Ameer’s true passions is Real Estate Sales and First Time Homebuyer and Homeownership Education. Currently, Ameer is fulfilling his lifelong passion in Real Estate as Real Estate Services Manager for NPHS.

“I am passionate about real estate and would be honored to work with you.”

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