Building equitable and inclusive communities through homeownership

June is National Homeownership Month; a time to reflect and promote the many social and economic benefits of homeownership. We know that homeownership is one of the best ways for families to build personal and intergenerational wealth. We also know that the American Dream of homeownership is certainly not applicable to everyone in our country when people of color and other marginalized communities are unjustly treated and ultimately excluded from the promise of economic prosperity.


At NPHS, we strive to build more equitable and inclusive communities. We house families, reduce blight, promote inclusion, fight displacement and redlining, create jobs, build and preserve equity, direct impact investments, and we tackle other issues that no one else will. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, but this is why we march in faith and hope and build on the resiliency of people to surmount what sometimes appears insurmountable.


Our resolve to bring about racial equity and social justice through our work will be unwavering. We renew our commitment to helping pave the way for more families of color to achieve the financial and social benefits of homeownership. We will challenge and stretch ourselves more than ever to create opportunities that elevate both economic and civic empowerment, enabling people to shape the decisions that affect their lives, elevate their voices, and access all the services they need.


From all of us at NPHS, let’s march together, arms linked, to a future where all families are financially prosperous and live in healthy, economically vibrant communities.