Advancing Solar Equity

Everyone Owns the Sun and we should all be able to afford its benefits. The cost of solar technology has declined significantly, and yet only higher income, well-to-do homeowners are accessing this technology. Communities of color and lower wealth homeowners are still priced out of the solar economy or believe they cannot own solar panel systems. This was the drive for NPHS to design and develop Sojourner Solar, a solar platform that connects underserved communities to the benefits of solar by bringing a level of unprecedented affordability not offered by for-profit solar companies.
Sojourner Solar consolidates the supply chain to help our clients save thousands of dollars on their purchase of a solar panel system. Sojourner Solar eliminates markups and unnecessary premiums and passes those discounts to the consumer, disrupting current pricing models. By dealing directly with Sojourner, homeowners save on purchasing and installation costs.
Sojourner is a purchasing and financing social enterprise that makes owning a solar panel system more affordable to lower wealth homeowners. Sojourner makes it easy and simple to go solar with a one stop-shop and full turn-key service. This includes the purchase, installation and financing of a solar panel system. Sojourner Solar even helps with roof repairs and renovation to prepare a home for solar. And with Sojourner Solar, homeowners keep all available federal and state income tax credits and incentives, further reducing the net cost of their solar panel system purchase.
The sun belongs to everyone and consumers shouldn’t pay a hefty premium to enjoy its benefits. Join us on our journey towards advancing solar equity.
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