How a Single Mother of Seven Became a Homeowner

With record low inventory, high cost of homes, and a confusing homebuying process, the dream of homeownership for many first-time homebuyers seems unattainable. For Vanessa Navarro, that dream would soon become a reality for her and her seven children, thanks to NPHS and Union Bank.

For as long as Mrs. Navarro could remember, homeownership was just not something that was ever given much thought with her family. There were just too many obstacles for her to overcome. She had been a renter throughout her life, and the idea of programs to help people own homes was unbelievable.

“It’s so hard as a Hispanic to believe that there are programs like this to help us out,” said Mrs. Navarro.

When the landlord informed Mrs. Navarro that the home her family had been renting would be sold, she was given an ultimatum to buy the house or move out. Mrs. Navarro wanted stability for her family and to leave a legacy for her daughters. She wanted to start building wealth to transfer to her children and decided to try to buy the long-time home her family was renting in San Jacinto. But she knew she had to act quickly.

Before finding her way to NPHS and Union Bank, Mrs. Navarro ran into barrier after barrier, which resulted in her contacting a hard money lender that offered her financing at nine percent. Knowing that interest rates were at historic levels, she decided not to pursue this course.

The combination of working with a demanding seller, a complicated homebuying process, and balancing her job responsibilities at CalFire was very stressful for Mrs. Navarro. “I was already on the edge of giving up. There was just so much stress with the whole process,” said Mrs. Navarro.

Thankfully Mrs. Navarro heard about first-time homebuyer programs offered by Union Bank and NPHS.

After receiving homeownership counseling with NPHS, Mrs. Navarro was then able to qualify her family for $80,000 in down payment assistance through NPHS’ Opportunity Down Payment Loan Program to help her buy the home she had been renting for many years. Mrs. Navarro received an additional $22,000 from the Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership program and a closing cost grant of $6,000 provided by Union Bank.

“I was shocked to know that there was help out there, help for a single mother, just shocked that a service like this exists,” said Mrs. Navarro. “My daughters were already packed and getting ready to move, and they were so happy to hear that they didn’t have to move. I want to thank NPHS, Union Bank, and everyone involved,” said Mrs. Navarro.

When asked why she didn’t consider buying a slightly larger home that was being sold a couple of blocks away, Mrs. Navarro responded, “It’s not the size of the home; it’s the memories that matter.”

NPHS opens homebuying pathways for families, especially for those in the community who may be locked out of wealth-building opportunities or do not believe homeownership can be a reality.

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