Rooted in Equity

NPHS launches its “Rooted in Equity” campaign for the 2022 year to connect households from all walks of life to services that build awareness and to show that homeownership is possible. The campaign is dedicated to increasing homeownership rates and addressing related systemic barriers, especially for people of color.

The “Rooted in Equity” campaign is structured around a five-point framework for reducing the racial homeownership gap by challenging some of the systemic barriers that have created the gap. NPHS and its partners are combining their resources to accelerate outreach efforts to raise awareness and reach more potential homebuyers, many of whom have “self-selected” themselves out of ownership.

“The most important thing is not to get caught up in that ‘We can’t be a homeowner’ myth. NPHS is here to dispel myths about homeownership, and information and resources are available to ensure that credit-worthy people of color can access stable, affordable, and safe homeownership,” said Carlos Tena, NPHS Vice President of Programs and Services.

Through the “Rooted in Equity” campaign, NPHS is promoting its comprehensive suite of home buying services across all social media outlets, websites, and online newsletters through the 2022 year.

“We want people to know there are resources out there to help them become successful homeowners,” stated Lisa Ralph, NPHS Director of Homeownership Development and Preservation. “Our experienced Homebuying Development Specialists are here to help them start their journey to homeownership.”

With just a couple of clicks, homebuyers can find out how much they can afford to purchase, prequalify for a home loan, and even request a Realtor. A dedicated NPHS Homebuyer Development Specialist will guide homebuyers every step of the way.

Homeownership is possible for everyone if they receive the right tools and resources. NPHS is working diligently to help as many families as possible in the 2022 year.

NPHS’ Rooted in Equity Campaign provides the tools and resources necessary for families of all walks of life to help them achieve their dream of homeownership.

Our campaign targets are bold.

Achieve a Local Direct Investment of


Into our Communities

Educate and Counsel





New Homeowners



In Down Payment Assistance

We are committed to advancing equity through homeownership by

  • Increasing sustainable homeownership opportunities for people of color

  • Creating generation wealth through homeownership

  • Dispelling the myths of homeownership through education

  • Promoting an equitable and accessible housing finance system

  • Directing investments to underserved communities