A One-Stop-Shop for Mission-Driven Homebuying Services

NPHS Home Loans and NPHS Realty Launched

NPHS Home Loans and NPHS Realty, together with our comprehensive suite of homeownership development and preservation programs, offers a One-Stop-Shop experience for purchasing a home. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the California Association of Realtors, almost 50 percent of recent homebuyers used one source to procure home-buying services.

“Our One-Stop-Shop experience provides other quality and consumer-centric services needed throughout the homebuying journey, such as homeownership education, credit-building, and down-payment assistance,” says Fabian Casarez, NPHS Vice President of Mortgage Lending and Realty. Homebuyers are increasingly interested in One-Stop-Shopping the survey showed.

“At NPHS, the convenience of having everything under one roof offers first-time homebuyers a safe and comfortable environment for all their home buying needs,” says Casarez.

NPHS Home Loans

NPHS provides lending services to people of varying credit qualities and incomes. NPHS offers high-quality first mortgage financing services to first-time homebuyers and borrowers looking to refinance their existing homes. We offer a variety of mortgage financing products, including F.H.A., conventional, V.A. financing, along with multiple down-payment assistance programs. We aim to provide our customers with fair mortgage rates and reasonable prices while keeping our clients informed and educated throughout the process.

For more information on our mortgage financing programs, please contact Fabian Casarez at fabian@nphsinc.org or at (951) 377-7152.

NPHS Realty

NPHS offers a range of specialized real estate services to help families gain access to homeownership. We provide a wide array of real estate services unique to the needs of low-to-moderate-income homebuyers who need education about homeownership and financial assistance. Our NPHS Realtors® work primarily with potential buyers using down payment assistance and first-time homebuyer mortgage programs to purchase their first home. Our realty services focus on increasing stability and security through homeownership, so we help you buy or sell a home in the best way possible.

For more information on our realty services, please contact Fabian Casarez at fabian@nphsinc.org or at (951) 377-7152.

Everything Under One Roof