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Top 5 Reasons for Purchasing a Solar System

Homeowners have many reasons for going solar, and it will vary among homeowners based on their personal goals. Your goals may be to save money, protect the environment, or protect against rising energy costs. Regardless of your economic or environmental goals, going solar improves your financial capability, the environment and the regional economy. Purchasing and installing a solar power system can even increase your property value by up to 4%. The following are some of the top reasons why homeowners decide to go solar.

1. Solar Saves You Money
Going solar will eliminate or greatly reduce your energy bill by generating free power over the 25 year life of your solar system. Although your system may not offset your energy consumption by 100%, your net savings will help you reduce your monthly expenses to help you manage your household budget more effectively. You can use your new disposable income to pay off debt or building your savings. In fact, according to a National Renewable Energy Lab study, purchasing a Sojourner Solar system using a solar loan is less expensive than leasing a system over the lifetime of the system.

2. Solar Protects the Environment
Did you know that the average household creates about 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year! Going solar will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help protect the environment and reduce health problems by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Using renewable solar energy is 100% emissions free, and reduces the demand of electricity from your utility company that produces carbon emissions.

3. Solar Increases your Property Value
Real estate studies have shown that homeowners can increase their property value 3% to 4% by installing solar panel systems. Homes with solar also sell twice as fast as homes without panels, and have a larger impact in areas with high rates of electricity usage, such as the Inland Valley. Going solar has a great return on investment! Click here to read the full report.

4. Solar Protects You Against Rising Energy Costs
Energy costs are clearly increasing each year as fossil and other carbon fuels become depleted. Going solar helps protect you from fluctuating energy costs by generating your own renewable energy. Your energy costs become more predictable and consistent over time, and are impacted less by utility company rate hikes.

5. Solar Creates Sustainable Jobs
By becoming part of the solar economy, you can contribute to creating better paying quality jobs and help improve the local economy. Solar jobs pay living and sustainable wages which cannot be outsourced. Many solar integrators are small business owners who create jobs for other working families and live in your communities. The solar industry is one of the nation’s fastest growing job-creators that are greatly contributing to the national economy.

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