Imagine being a senior with limited income and discovering that you have mold and water damage problems in the home you have been living in for 30 years. This is the situation that Ethel Elliott, an 85 year old retiree from Chino, CA found herself in. Worried that the mold and water damage were causing an unsafe and unhealthy living environment, her daughter contacted the City of Chino to ask for assistance. The City of Chino referred the family to NPHS since they administered the City Of Chino Healthy Homes Grant Program. Fortunately for Ms. Elliott, NPHS was able to provide a one-time grant of $2,500 to cover all the costs associated with the mold remediation and water damage.

Through a partnership with the City of Chino, NPHS is able to provide grants up to $2,500 for homeowners in Chino who are at least 62 years of age, have a disability or mobility issue, and are a limited income household. The grants are for home improvements and or modifications which are designed to make the home safer, particularly to cure Health and Safety Code deficiencies or that improve the senior’s quality of life. The grant covers all costs associated with the repairs including labor, supplies and materials.

Ethel knew about the mold problem for 12 years and had been saving to cover repair costs, but unfortunately she ran out of savings. Through City of Chino Healthy Homes Grant Program, NPHS was fortunately able to help Ethel and her family by replacing the tile in her bathroom, entry ways and living room. In addition, a new wall, door and vanity with a sink were able to be installed.

In a recent interview, Ethel shared the following about her experience working with NPHS, “NPHS offered me a great service, they did a Fantastic Job and I now feel safe once more in my own home.”

For more information on the City of Chino Healthy Homes Grant Program contact Cecilia Gonzalez at (909) 983-6190 or email To fill out an application Click Here.