Homeowners continue to seek creative ways to reduce monthly expenses while being more environmentally conscious. Knowing where your money is being spent gives you a better understanding of how and where to make efficiencies.

The United States Department of Energy says that household heating and cooling accounts for around 54 percent of the average American’s utility bill. Savings could be achieved through proper equipment maintenance and upgrades. However, the Department of Energy explains that an energy efficient furnace alone will not have as great an impact on energy bills as using a whole-house approach.

Consider a home’s energy efficiency on solar panels. If solar panels have been installed, it can help alleviate the high monthly energy costs. Start the New Year with saving on your energy bill and being energy efficient.

NPHS’ offers homeowners the opportunity to own and not lease a solar panel system through the Sojourner Solar program. It is consumer friendly, easy to understand, and energy efficient. With Sojourner Solar, homeowners will be given the opportunity to be part of the solar economy, as well as save money on their monthly cost.

For more information on Sojourner Solar call a Sojourner Solar Consultant at 909.988.5979, or email us at sojourner@nphsinc.org.