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Villa Del Sol Development Part 1:
Predevelopment and Modular Placement

NPHS and City of Chino Partner to Develop New Homeownership Opportunities and Revitalize Neighborhood

NPHS had completed the first phase of the Villa Del Sol development in the city of Chino that is creating three new homes as part a revitalization and infill development project for low-to-moderate income first-time home buyers.

The revitalization project began six years ago with a boarded-up, dilapidated vacant home in the midst of a housing crisis that shook the Inland Empire at its core. With housing prices at basement levels, NPHS identified the property and saw an opportunity to revitalize the neighborhood of hard-working families by creating three affordable homes on the same parcel. Working in close partnership with the city of Chino, NPHS divided the parcel into thirds. After demolishing the blighted, existing structure, the way was paved for the development of three craftsman-style modular homes known as Villa Del Sol.

Below you can see a video of the first part of the new Villa Del Sol development that will house three newly constructed single family homes. One new home will consist of four bedrooms and two bathrooms; two additional new homes will consist of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all with two-car attached garages. The homes will also qualify for down-payment assistance offered through the city of Chino. The homes will feature solar panels which will be installed by GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization providing solar energy to low-to-moderate income communities.

For more information on the Villa Del Sol development Click Here or contact Adam Hicks, Vice President of Redevelopment Strategies at or call 909-218-8480.

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