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NPHS Partners with City of Chino for NeighborWorks Week

Mr. and Mrs. Maximiliano Valdez have lived in their home in Chino, California since 2002. The Valdez’s immigrated from Bolivia before becoming proud American homeowners. Through the years, the couple kept their home well-maintained, making sure to provide necessary repairs and upkeep. However, as the Valdez’s grew older and reached retirement, money became tighter

  • ceci family

NPHS Helps Provide Down Payment Assistance to Homebuyers

Valentino and Marie Ceci recently purchased their first home in San Bernardino. Marie Ceci is disabled and unable to work while her husband Valentino works at the Claremont Graduate College. The couple sought other down payment assistance funding but was unable to utilize it due to the location of their home. Based on the

The Billinger Family

Stories From Our Neighborhoods Home For The Holidays For The First Time In 36 Years Herbert Billinger devoted most of his career to public service through the U.S. military. Drafted in 1952, he served the Army in Germany, then joined the Reserve, followed by the National Guard. Today, even though he officially retired