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NPHS Helps Jump Start Mobile Mechanic Business

NPHS Helps Jump Start Mobile Mechanic Business Small businesses form the sturdy foundation of economies worldwide, significantly contributing to employment, innovation, and overall economic growth. As we embrace Small Business Month, it is an exceptional occasion to acknowledge, celebrate, and raise awareness about the many small businesses thriving in our

All Smiles for New Homeowners

Housing and Health Partners Leverage Factory-Built Technology to Close the Housing Affordability Gap Access to safe, affordable housing supports people’s physical and mental health, research shows. The healthcare system has an important role in connecting patients to housing, but housing programs themselves need substantial additional resources to

The Bahamon Family – A Family of Six’ Homeownership Success

The Bahamon Family's Homeownership Success With rising interest rates and home prices, finding the perfect forever home can seem unachievable for many. For Mrs. Bahamon and her family, what started as an unexpected worry transformed into a beautiful homeownership story that serves as a beacon of hope for many first-time

The Nuñez Family’s Homeownership Success

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans who have inspired others to achieve success, like the Nuñez family. The home buying process can be a confusing and challenging experience for anyone, especially for first-time homebuyers. At

From Renter to Homeowner

How a Single Mother of Seven Became a Homeowner With record low inventory, high cost of homes, and a confusing homebuying process, the dream of homeownership for many first-time homebuyers seems unattainable. For Vanessa Navarro, that dream would soon become a reality for her and her seven children, thanks to NPHS and Union

Preserving Homes for Inland Empire Seniors

NPHS Provides Critical Home Repairs and Restores Power for Low-Income Senior in the Coachella Valley Record-breaking heatwaves and Santa Ana winds are just some of the harsh weather conditions taking a toll on homeowners in the Inland Valley. Now, imagine living in a home ill-equipped to be in these conditions for over two

Creating Safe and Healthy Homes for Seniors Aging in Place

Providing Critical Home Repairs for Elderly Homeowners In early September 2020, an intense heatwave broke temperature records throughout the Inland Empire. The heatwave was severe enough that older and undersized air conditioning systems could not cool down homes. The extreme heat was problematic for vulnerable senior citizens living in the Inland Empire with broken,

  • NPHS Assists HRY Solutions Expand Their Business

NPHS Assists HRY Solutions Expand Their Business

Providing Commercial Real Estate Services and Microloans Yesenia Flores from Montclair California is a Human Resources professional with over 25 years of experience. She is the recent recipient of the 2017 Trail Blazer award from the National Latina Business Women’s Association (NLBWA) showing excellence in leadership in the business community. Yesenia recently partnered

  • National Homeownership Month June 2017

NPHS Partners with Wells Fargo for NeighborWorks Week

In celebration of NeighborWorks Week, NPHS partnered with Wells Fargo to coordinate a Healthy Homes Build Day to repair the home of a retired Korean War Veteran residing in Hemet, California. This is part of an annual nationwide series of events coordinated and supported by NeighborWorks America. Clemente A. Mojica, NPHS President and