Pathways to Sustainable Homeownership Campaign

NPHS and its partners are kicking off the Seventh Annual Campaign for Homeownership in the Inland Empire. The “Pathways to Sustainable Homeownership” Campaign launches early 2023 and is setting its goals high for this new year. This 2023 campaign is dedicated to creating sustainable homeownership opportunities while addressing the systemic barriers among homeowners and homebuyers of color.

This coordinated effort marks the seventh year NPHS has organized a joint cross-sector campaign to expand homeownership sustainability through its programs and services. Partners include financial institutions, health systems, local municipalities, and community-based organizations.

The Pathways to Sustainable Homeownership Campaign is structured around a six-point framework to create and preserve homeownership for low-to-moderate income homebuyers and homeowners of color. The multi-pronged framework helps reduce the racial homeownership gap and preserve generational wealth through sustainable and affordable housing opportunities.

Creating Sustainable Homeownership Through a Six-Point Framework

Develop climate-resilient and adaptive homes using factory-built technology.

Push the union between the innovation afforded by factory-built technology with innovative community development strategies to create and preserve sustainable homeownership while addressing the disparities climate change has on people of color.

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Dispel the myths of homeownership through community outreach and resident engagement.

Overcome years of discriminatory practices and disinformation by deploying data-driven marketing and outreach strategies to foster credibility, assurance, and encouragement to minority households who have “self-selected” themselves out of homeownership and could potentially become homeowners.


Promote and advocate for equitable and accessible housing finance systems.

Collaborate with government, industry, and advocacy groups on a wide range of policy changes and consumer protections at the federal and state level to pave the way for more equitable access to credit and housing finance systems.

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Increase visibility and access to down payment and closing cost assistance, including Special Purpose Credit Programs, to make homeownership attainable.

The NPHS Community Investment Trust will leverage over five million dollars to create a larger revolving loan pool to offer down payment and closing costs financial products, including Special Purpose Credit Programs, to low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers.

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Protect and preserve generational wealth achieved through comprehensive homeownership education and post-purchase services.

Protect generational wealth created through homeownership by offering a continuum of homeownership preservation programs and services to ensure the transfer of wealth to future generations.

Create healthier living environments through owner-occupied home repair and climate adaptive home upgrades.

Create healthier living environments by improving the conditions and climate resiliency of existing older housing stock through critical home repairs and weatherization programs.

“The Pathways to Sustainable Homeownership Campaign is designed to give historically underserved homebuyers and homeowners the necessary tools to obtain and sustain homeownership,” says Carlos Tena, NPHS Vice President of Programs and Services.

“We want people to know there are resources out there to help them become successful homeowners while creating intergenerational wealth for their families,” stated Tena.


NPHS’ Pathways to Sustainable Homeownership Campaign provides the tools and resources necessary for families of all walks of life to help them achieve their dream of homeownership.

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