As our country unites this month to recognize our veterans, we are reminded of our mission to empower families and build neighborhoods to capture opportunities that lead to economic security. NPHS strives to provide our programs and services for military families, veterans and those who serve for our country.

We would like to share a letter provided to us by one our service men, Staff Sergeant Carlos Jover and his wife Denise. NPHS was able to help the couple purchase their first home, and you can read about their story in their own words below:

Dear NPHS Staff,

When the word “home” is googled online, the definition that appears is: The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Keep in mind the word “permanent”. In the last few years, my husband and I have experienced a number of trials and tribulations that have felt like short-lived spurts of happiness. In 2009, we were excited to announce a great chapter in both our lives and were united in marriage a month before my husband’s year- long deployment to Iraq. That year of deployment resulted in a very difficult one for the both of us and our families. As any family or friend that has gone through deployment, it is an indescribable road of inconsistencies. 

During that year my grandfather lost his battle against prostate cancer, and unfortunately within that same time span I lost my job due to the economic crisis. It was a year of struggles to say the least, but we were able to learn from these temporary set-backs. Upon my husband’s return from Iraq, it felt as though things were finally falling into place and although they were, what life had in store for us was far more than what we had expected.

My husband and I had been blessed with the wonderful career opportunities that enriched our lives by helping our local communities through law enforcement and the non-profit sector. Some might even say that we are experts in our respective fields, but we had no idea as to how to begin the process of purchasing a home. The time finally approached when we were tired of living in a temporary place that was not our own, so we decided to continue to fulfill our aspirations of seeking our future home.

In a passing conversation with Staff Sergeant Adam Hicks who also happens to work at NPHS, he explained to my husband that the organization he worked with could be of assistance to us. While others might believe that it was not the right time to begin such a stressful process in such circumstances, we simply wanted to carry on with our dreams of owning a home.

We felt nervous prior to our first homebuyer counseling session, but those nerves quickly diminished as our NPHS counselor began to explain our options and the steps to purchasing a home. It was at that moment in which things began to positively unravel and we quickly learned what it meant to make a purchase offer, the role of our realtor, etc. while balancing the responsibilities of our daily lives. In addition, our NPHS realtor, Ms. Marisol Garcia, was a great asset in making our experience much smoother and helping relieve some of the stress that comes along with the frustrations of trying to find the right home.

As I write this letter, I want all those involved in making our dream come true to understand that it is more than just that. The help that NPHS staff extended to our small family and the wealth of knowledge shared by the working professionals has enriched our lives by finally finding something that is permanent – our home. This is our new home where we hope to expand our family, and be filled with smiles and laughter of raising children of our own, but most importantly to also one day share with them our humble beginnings.

With much appreciation,
Carlos & Denise Jover

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